AutoCAD Command Shortcuts With Control Keys

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CTRL+0 CLEANSCREEN Turns user interface elements on/off
CTRL+1 PROPERTIES Turns properties on/off
CTRL+2 ADCENTER Turns design center on/off
CTRL+3 TOOLPALETTES Turns tool palettes window on/off
CTRL+8 QUICKCALC Launches calculator window
CTRL+A Select all
CTRL+C COPYCLIP Copies objects to clipboard
CTRL+H Turns a group on or off
CTRL+J Repeats last command
CTRL+N NEW Opens create new drawing dialogue box
CTRL+O OPEN Opens the select file dialogue box
CTRL+P PLOT Opens the plot dialogue box
CTRL+R CVPORT Switches between viewports
CTRL+S QSAVE Opens the save drawing as dialogue box
CTRL+V PASTECLIP Pastes data from clipboard to drawing
CTRL+X CUTCLIP Removes select object from drawing to clipboard
CTRL+Y REDO Performs the operation cancelled by UNDO
CTRL+Z UNDO Undoes the last operation
CTRL+TAB Switches between open drawings
CTRL+PAGE UP Switch up between layout tabs
CTRL+PAGE DOWN Switch down between layout tabs
ARROW UP/Down Recall last command