A Guide to Creating Packaging for Your Construction Company

Different construction companies deal with different products. But one thing most products need is packaging. What you use to package your products in will be specific to your company, but there are many different ways in which you can approach the problem of packaging.

Firstly you could hire the services of an external manufacturer that uses its machinery to produce different kinds of packaging. But this can be costly, and it’s never easy having to rely on another company for such an integral part of your production process. If things go wrong, you can do nothing about it.

That’s why you should think about making your own packaging internally. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Here’s a guide to creating packaging to get you started.

What Kind of Packaging Do You Need?

The first thing to do is plan how much material and equipment you’re going to need. This isn’t abundantly obvious to you if you’ve been used to outsourcing your packaging needs for a while.

Look at how much product you’re producing and then calculate how much material you’ll need and what kind of material you use. There may be more than one component involved in your packaging.


Creating plastics isn’t too difficult, but if you have no experience of it, take a course with a company like paulsonplasticsacademy.com. You’ll then know all you need to know about processes like injection moulding.

Luckily, plastics are very cheap to produce, and you can develop them so that they are suited to different needs. They can also deal with the dangerous materials and chemicals common in the construction industry. Plastic can be flexible or rigid, thin or thick. And once you know how to mould plastic, you can create any shape you want. Soon digital printing might revolutionize the plastic making process, so keep that in mind too!


Making your own cardboard can be incredibly cheap, and pretty easy too. If you need thick cardboard, you need to sandwich material between two card liners. When these components are compressed together, you get cardboard. The filling in the middle (known as fluting) is usually made of recycled paper products nowadays, so it give you something useful to do with all that old office paper.

You can get machines which allow you to insert paper, and it will shred it and create fluting. This can then be placed between the liners, compressed and you have your card.


Making glass containers is a little more difficult. If you are making high-end glass packaging for a product, you will want to use a professional company. But if you’re producing liquids and need to use glass instead of plastic, you could set up your own glass manufacturing operation.

Traditional glassblowing is only used for more high-end products these days. Instead, most glass bottle production use an automated process. You will need a lot of heat to produce the glass, you will then have to use an individual section machine to mould them to the required shape.

Glass Packaging

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These processes are good things to think about incorporating into your business if you’re currently looking to expand. But if your business is struggling, it might be worth waiting as there are big costs attached to some of the machinery involved.