Fit Top of the Range Double Glazing in Green Deal

Double glazing is proven to save home owners between £80 and £100 a year on fuel bills every year. But are your uPVC windows actually saving you as much as they could do? The government does not think so and in January 2013 launched the Green Deal scheme in an attempt to encourage home owners to improve energy efficiency on their homes.

In accordance with the Kyoto Protocol, global governments have been set a green target which aims to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions to 10 per cent of baseline by 2020. As part of the initiative to control climate change governments are introducing a green tax which will be levied against individual households in relation to your carbon dioxide emissions.

Savings on double glazing windows

Double Glazing Energy RatingsOne method the government is suggesting home owners can lower levies is to upgrade their double glazing windows. It has been worked out that the average three-bedroom household would cut their carbon emissions to 680kg and save around £170 a year on heating.

Double glazing is made from a durable uPVC material as it is the most cost-effective option of making sound proof windows that are more energy efficient than traditional wooden frames.

The quality standards of uPVC windows are graded into three categories, A, B and C, with A being the highest grade. It has been calculated that A-rated +10 windows save you an additional 6.5 per cent on your energy bill and will reduce green tax.

Double glazing windows also offer other benefits alongside energy efficiency and heat retention. They also shut out ordinary noises, increase the security of your property and reduce levels of condensation thus are better for your walls. uPVC also requires little maintenance and are easily washed down with a soft cloth and washing liquid.

A Rated +10 double glazing

The Green Deal allows home owners to upgrade their home with new, energy efficient A Rated +10 windows without having to shell out the cost upfront. You can have the windows fitted in your home now, but you do not have to pay for the materials or the labour immediately you will not be left out of pocket.

Payments under the scheme will work similar to a personal loan in that you pay back the costs in installments added on to your fuel bill. The intention is to help families in the UK improve their homes but pay for the upgrade in manageable monthly repayments which will be covered by the savings you will make as a result of installing the windows.

The government is even offering participants of the Green Deal cash back of £270 if they sign up to the scheme early. The offer is on a first come first serve basis, but as yet the scheme is not attracting many participants so now is a good time to upgrade your home with A Rated +10 double glazing windows.

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