Finding the Right Estate Agent to Sell Your House Fast

With the current housing market being as it is, selling properties can be a bit of challenge. Finding a buyer quickly involves enrolling the help of the right estate agent who knows the market inside out. They also need to boast a very large database of connections within the industry. This in turn means an agent with years of experience in dealing with buying and selling properties would be able to find you the right buyer that much faster without having to drop your asking price to do so.

Sell your house fast

Choose an Estate Agent with a Proactive Approach

By far the best estate agency out there would have a very proactive approach to the way they market your property. This is the only way to achieve a sale that much faster in a difficult market where supply outweighs the demand. Selling properties for clients in weeks rather than months often years, means being able to move that much faster into your new home. If you are moving abroad, it allows you to get as much as you can for your existing property to put toward a dream home abroad.

What to Expect From Your Agent

When deciding which estate agency to work with, you need to feel comfortable with them knowing they have their finger on the pulse of the current property market and are familiar with the area where you live. The team needs to be enthusiastically involved in selling your property for you and they need to boast an extensive database of not only buyers but professionals who work in the industry too.

A large database of buyers also means there may well be more cash buyers looking for properties in your area as well as first time buyers together with chain-free investors looking to improve their portfolios, This is invaluable if you are looking to sell house fast for the right type of money.

The Best Time to Sell

It may be a tough time to sell a home but if correctly marketed you can achieve the sort of results you were hoping for. The key to doing this successfully is in identifying and targeting the right buyers for your property. Traditionally the spring and the autumn are good times to sell, but when the market is tough this all changes and any time is a good time to sell as long as you choose to work with an estate agent who pro-actively markets your home.

Tips on Getting a Home Ready to Sell

There are many tips and a lots of advice on how to get a home ready to sell but the first rule of thumb is set a realistic asking price from the outset which a well versed estate agent would be able to advise you on. Other things you have to do include the following:

  • De-clutter
  • Refresh
  • Clean & then clean again

The way a home is presented to potential buyers is all-important and this is one scenario when first impressions really do count. The images you place online are just the first tasters of what people will see and which should be good enough to tempt them to come and view your home in person. It goes without saying they need to be just as impressed when they pull up at your property – curb appeal is very important and little details do matter. This includes a nicely tended front garden and a welcoming front door.


When choosing the right estate agent to sell your home fast for the type of money you were hoping to get, you need to find a pro-active agency that boasts having their fingers on the property pulse. You need to have confidence in the people you work with knowing they have your best interests at heart and who would be more than capable of selling your property in record time without having to drop the price to do so.

Image Credits: CityAnd CountryUKKyle Flemming