Feather vs Polyfill: Choosing a decorative pillow insert is a matter of preference

decorative pillowLike with all other decoration decisions, choosing the right pillow insert is all about personal preference.

Feather inserts are very soft and allow you to sink into them easily. To some people, they are more comfortable because the conform to your shape when laying on them. Professional designers prefer feather inserts because they stay in place better. Some people choose polyfill inserts because they require no “fluffing” to get to the right shape. Because they stay in place better, people with vinyl or leather couches prefer feather inserts.

For a deep sofa, people choose polyfill inserts because they provide more back support than a feather insert would Polyfill pillow inserts are also less expensive than a feather insert would be. They retain their shape longer and require less maintenance than feather inserts. Also, for people who have feather allergies, polyfill inserts are the best choice.

If you’re not sure which you want, why not mix the two. Perhaps try using a larger pillow with a feather insert layered behind a smaller one with a polyfill insert. This will help you get the best of both worlds.

There a ton of options out there for feather ad polyfill throw pillows. You can purchase discount throw pillows with a wide variety of colors and styles from websites such as PillowDecor.com.