New Tech Means Accurate Truck Load Weighing Can Be Done in Seconds

One of the most wasteful aspects when loading trucks to deliver raw materials is miscalculated weight measurements as well as the time taken to weigh the raw materials. Thanks to modern technology there are solutions already out there that can solve both issues and help businesses increase profits. Load Volume Scanners (LVS) are the latest tech to help businesses improve efficiency in logistics.

What Does A Load Volume Scanner Do?

LVS systems have multiple uses. It is a device that is operated by an engineer. In fact, it can be operated by anyone. All that is needed is that the device is pointed at the payload being loaded on to the vehicle, unloaded or before it is loaded. The 3D scanning technology built in will scan the payload and return a volumetric measurement of the raw materials.

This process takes a matter of seconds to complete saving the time usually taken to manually measure raw materials. In addition to this, the measurements are sent back to a central system so all incoming and outgoing materials are recorded on an easy to access database.

Extremely Accurate Measurements

Every measurement has been proven to be within 1% accuracy of the actual weight of the load. The device can also account for loss of weight due to factors such as moisture loss during transit.

Fully Portable

The device is portable, so it can be attached to the truck or whichever vehicle is transporting the materials in order to take constant measurements of the load. This is perfect for long distance journeys where materials can be affected by external influences along the way.

In addition to attaching the payload scanner to trucks, many companies that move from site to site or have trucks picking up and delivering cargo to multiple sites require it to be portable.

Low Maintenance and Seamless Operational Advantages

Literally the device is as simple as it sounds when it comes to user friendliness. Point, measure, and automatically record. This is a key feature that has made the LVS so popular with logistics companies that deal in raw materials.

On top of this it is very easy to configure the device for the materials being loaded. It takes very little training for employees to be able to operate the payload measuring device.

It is a ductile and durable device too. It is built to withstand the tough environment that the shipping of raw materials will throw at it. Plus, components are very easy to replace, which they rarely do, but accidents do happen. For the most part, the device will just keep on running perfectly for years without much need to recalibrate or update parts.

Taking into consideration how quickly the load volume scanner (LVS) take measurements of raw materials and its accuracy, these two key points save businesses thousands. Plus, this the device is virtually unbreakable making it a reliable measurement tool for any logistics business that deals in the shipment of bulk raw materials. Also, it is worth noting that the device is also perfect for keeping a digital inventory of all materials shipped as data can be sent to a central database as soon as the volumetric measurement has been taken.

Without a doubt the LVS system is a must have device for businesses looking to increase their efficiency and productivity.