Facts About the Two Main Caster Wheels

There are two main types of casters used in the industry. The first type is the tapered roller that is used to grind and spin heavy objects. The second type is the non-tapered type that can also be used to grind, spin and move heavy objects. These are often swivel casters with lock. There are certain pros and cons associated with each type of wheel that you need to consider when selecting the ones that you want to use for your business. The purpose of this article is to discuss the different types of caster wheels and what their different uses are.

Screw Operated

The first different types of caster are screw operated. They come in both metric and standard sizes and the most common types are straight and counter rotating. These are used for heavier objects that have a very high degree of torque. For example, you can get these types of wheels for use on large conveyors or to roll up and down tall ladders. The screws that are used to operate them are usually made from either copper or stainless steel.

Hydraulic Operated

The next type of wheel is the hydraulic variety that has the best bearing performance. The best caster wheels are designed for heavy-duty use and will also be able to last for long periods of time. These are often the best choice for rolling up and down stairs and for heavy lifting on floors.

Similar Diameters

The next different types of caster wheel are those that have a smaller diameter. Usually the smaller ones are used when you want to get the load higher or to cover a smaller area. For example, they would be perfect for rolling up a carpet or for moving a table to the next room. When selecting a smaller wheel, it is important to note how much weight you will be using so that you get one that will not break the machine as you are using it. Also note the distance of the load so that you get one that will accommodate the widest range of travel possible.

Roller-Type Casters

The roller types are the most versatile because they can be used for almost any application. The roller wheels are made of either polyurethane rubber casters or aluminum and have an interlocking design to make it easier to assemble. The ball bearings will provide the best rolling resistance for almost any load. This means that these are the best caster wheel materials for light to medium-duty applications where speed is not an issue. However, when a heavy-duty application is required the aluminum casters make the best sense. The aluminum makes sure that there is very little stress placed on the ball bearings so that they can provide a smooth rolling experience.

Moving on Different Surfaces

The three types of heavy-duty caster wheels can move around different types of surfaces so that you can get the load where it needs to go. For example, you might want a wheel for floor movement for a warehouse. Then there are the indoor types that are excellent for indoor gyms and exercise clubs. If you have heavy-duty wheels that can move around your house you can do just about anything.