Essential Storage Facilities for Your School

As a headteacher your job is to ensure that your school runs in the most effective and efficient way possible. A large portion of this is making sure that the school has all the necessary equipment and facilities it needs. You’ll know how much paperwork, stationery and books travel in and out of the school each day. These all need to be kept somewhere when they’re on the premises. 

But where do you keep them? Classrooms are packed enough as it is, and you can’t very well have people wandering around with armfuls of books all day. Here are some great ideas for essential storage solutions you can use in your school. 

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It’s vital for your school to provide lockers. The kids need somewhere safe and secure to store their property over the course of the school day. Some will have a lot of different textbooks, and it’s not practical to walk around all day carrying them. Lockers are great for storage and also for security. By providing lockers, you protect the school from liability in the event of possessions going missing. Make sure that every student has the opportunity to have a locker. And make sure they all have their own combinations. 

Filing Cabinets 

As a school, you and the staff are going to be dealing with a lot of paperwork. You’re going to have files, textbooks and essays, and that’s just from the kids! Then there’s going to be information pertaining to the school itself and the members of staff. You need somewhere to store all this paperwork. The best and most efficient way of doing this is to get filing cabinets and store them in offices and classrooms around the school. Get the ones that have linear motion slides as they’re the easiest to use and can hold a lot more weight. 

Stationery Cupboard 

Every school should have a stationery cupboard, in fact, you might even want to have more than one. Think about the amount of stationery that your school must use in a calendar year. There’s unlikely to be any business or institution that goes through as much stationery as a school. You’ll have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of pupils using stationery each day. Sure, many will have their own. But you need to be able to provide some for those who don’t. You’ll need to bulk order high quantities of stationery, and you’ll need somewhere to store it. You’ve got to have it all laid out in a clear and concise way. The stationery cupboard is a great way of doing this. 


Desks are clearly a staple part of any schools. All classrooms have to have desks for children to work at. But desks can also be so much more than this. You can get a lot of styles of desk that contain drawers or trays. These are ideal for storage. Children can store their work and stationery in these drawers during class. Teachers can also store paperwork and other such items in these desks. So they become multifunctional desks and help improve efficiency in the classroom.