Efficiently Train Students for Industrial Jobs with Online Courses

Online CoursesAs the new generation graduates from college and seeks jobs in industrial fields, Human Resources departments and EH&S Managers have struggled with figuring out how to efficiently train this distinct group of people. More and more, they’re turning to computer based training and online courses as the solution to the problem.

Online courses offer a variety of advantages for the so called millennials. First off, taking a course online means that it can be taken at the user’s own pace. No longer are they expected to follow along with 50 other students in a large classroom, where if they fall behind there is no hope to catch up. Instead, the user can click forwards and backwards through the slides when they’re ready.

But the benefits of online courses don’t stop there. Online courses allow for reporting that blows old reporting out of the water. Students can be tracked at every single quiz, and every single report. Teachers could dive down to the question level, just in case a poorly worded answer is potentially causing the student’s to fail a course, rather than a the teaching itself. Passed courses and certificates can be emailed or kept in a database within the cloud, giving the company’s managers access to the scores and certifications 24/7/365. For anyone who has tried to look up how their students are doing on a weekend off when the IT team was away, you can realize how amazingly important this feature can be.

In addition, courses can be launched at scale. Once they’ve been created, they can be used again and again around the world. And most importantly, they’ll be the same every time. Training departments no longer need to worry about whether every instructor is actually remembering to include what they’re supposed to. The course can be approved by those at the top, and essentially “forgotten about.” If it needs to be updated, one simple change in the master course will be passed down through all the other courses. For online safety courses, this could end up saving an employee’s life.

There are even greater benefits for multi-national organizations who choose online training courses. A large company seeking corporate training online can get custom-made courses in the language of their choice, meaning that every employee around the world, no matter their speaking language, can get the same high-quality training.