How To Create Your Own Urban Green Space

The opportunities afforded by cities have attracted millions to live in these urban areas. While these offer their own impressive sights, there are every few green spaces that people can go to for relaxation and renewal. They are often forced to travel far because they don’t have sanctuaries of their own.

This can be impractical for many. It takes too much time to do it on a regular basis. Just the thought of driving for hours can make you feel tired until you lose your motivation to go. A better way would be to create your own green space outside your door, thus allowing you to enjoy nature at your own convenience. You can follow the tips below and start right away:

Make Things Bigger than They Seem

Cities are almost always crowded and thus homes are generally small. However, you should be able to make things look bigger by applying a few design tricks. Create a plan so that you can visualize what you are going to do with what you have and optimize every element for an amazing green sanctuary. Study the types of plants that you can use given the climate in your region and the size that you must work with. Check out the materials that you can use for this project and where you might be able to get them.

It is easy to cram too much into the space. This is a rookie mistake that you should avoid. Tame your excitement and be more meticulous about the things that you will be putting in your small yard. Keep things in proportion, steering clear of massive plants and décor that could overwhelm. Have every element neatly placed in their logical spots.

Work with a Central Focus

Add visual interest to your oasis by placing extraordinary elements in prominent areas. This could be something that evokes nature such as a Japanese fountain that provides the relaxing sound of flowing water along with a charming design. You may also find a nice exotic sculpture which is sure to capture the eyes and will be easier to maintain. Surround these with small rocks from the places you’ve been to as a sort of three-dimensional frame that is filled with memories. Think of other items in your personal collection that you can place here so that you won’t have to buy anything.

For those who live in the suburbs, it may be possible to extend the garden and create a nice patch of green. This is more challenging to do for people who live in the metropolis as the housing units are expensive and generally come in small sizes. Having a yard is a luxury. But homeowners can always build up and maximize the vertical space. Study container gardening.

Putting It All Together

When you design a garden, you have to ensure that all the elements you can placing there will mesh well to create a nice harmony. Otherwise, things will clash which is not pleasing to the eyes or the mind. Think of the color palette and choose hues that complement each other. Lighter colors work best as bright spaces appear larger than usual.

Consider blending greens and blues in your plan. These are often used by designers to enhance the appearance of small spaces. Of course, you can always try out various color combinations as you please and end up with amazing results as well. In the event that you’d like to enrich your knowledge about landscaping, don’t hesitate to visit Build Great Farms.