Construction Career

If you’ve got a special love for working with your hands and you’re 100% sure you’re ready to dive in with both feet waiting to support you; then you just might want to check out our comprehensive guide!

So, before you put that fancy tool belt on and head out into the construction world, we recommend that you give this guide from PSR Solutions a proper read since it shares some of the industry leading five tips on how to make your career path a rather successful one.

Our team decided to conduct an interview with leading professional carpenter, remodeler and homebuilder Joseph Truini! Dive in as we get straight into the secrets shared with us by him.

Listen, Pay Attention And Ask Questions

One of the biggest and most challenging parts of working within the construction industry is working with other individuals. And if can be quite difficult especially if you’re the new kid on the block when it comes to a job, the crew and even the craft itself. Simply put, you’re going to be making contact with some of the best who aid in any way they can, but watch out for the surge of impatience. So, you’re going to need to look, carefully listen and learn.

Mr Truini suggests that beginners pay close attention when they are spoken to. And he also goes on to motivate by suggesting that if you don’t get it on the first command, be sure to ask right away. In some cases, supervisors might be speaking too quickly or there is even the common language barrier that might be different than what you already know. So, create the impression that you are persistent and patient and live up to them.

Remember, it’s better to ask and know than to not ask and be unsure. And once you get things up and rolling, you’ll not only gain trust from those around you, you’ll also earn respect. Don’t forget that everyone has to start somewhere!

Acquire New Skills

Within the construction industry, most of the professionals give the best advice when they say to learn some new skills. No matter how much you think you know, there are always going to be newer skills for you to acquire on your journey. However, for most learning on-the-go has some serious disadvantages especially if you’re now being introduced to new material and tools. Truini suggests that even though you’ll get help on the job site from your fellow co-workers, you still need to be innovative and think outside the box to figure things out on your own; so just be patient and remember to stay positive!

Learn And Master Your Craft

In order to succeed, you’ll need to work extra hard and be 100% dedicated to your job. You’ll need to keep in mind that paying attention to detail is of extreme importance and you’ll need to have a willing spirit to learn. Simply put, quality work will take you to great lengths and they will get you noticed quite quickly! So, remember to be creative and innovative and you’ll make it to the perfect crew in no time.

Truini also suggest to new comers of the trade that there is always going to be a better way for something to be done. So, you’ll need to discover the tricks of your trade because they will turn your job into a very successful career in a rather short space of time.

Study Multiple Trades

While you focus on your specialised field, it is always a personal asset to become diversified and increase your skill set. Mr Truini actually learned all about crafting homes from a very young age when he worked with his father and he was willing to learn and perfect new skills within the construction field that went on to truly make his career. So, if you’re going to fully succeed, its best that you start looking at different aspects that you’re not so familiar with and begin to broaden your horizon.

With that said, personal development and diversification alone doesn’t make anyone successful. Other industry experts such as Jessica Porter the editor of Construction Exec suggests that new comers begin to take things and act on them with a methodical approach. And she also indicates that spending enough time researching goes a long way!

Be Sure To Look Into OJT Before Starting A Business

If you’ve just finished school, the industry experts widely suggest that freshers find a job with another firm in their specialized field before thinking about starting a new business. Truini also sheds some light and suggests that if you truly intend to be successful, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs by observing from others no matter how long you stay under their wing for. Any form of experience will set you out on one of the best paths.

So, if you’re interested creating a successful career for yourself within the construction industry, Emily Griffith Technical College is the perfect place to start! And you’ll get the perfect foundation to the rest of your life. Be sure to contact us and we’ll aid as you learn about our enrolment and various programs!