Create an Outdoor Seating or Dining Space with These Must-know Tips

Design Tips for Outdoor Seats


If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space at the front, back or side of your house, you probably want to make the most of it. Perhaps you enjoy tending to your flowers or vegetable garden, or you love watching the kids run over the grass. When the weather’s warm, it’s much more enjoyable to spend time outside, instead of hiding yourself away in the house. And it’s even better to have friends or family round for a drink or a meal as you all take pleasure in the sunny day and beautiful outdoors. But to have these pleasurable moments, you need somewhere for everyone to sit. Whether it’s a patio, deck or even a gazebo, a seating or dining area is perfect for spending time in your yard or garden. Use this guide to think about all the potential things you could do with the space you have available. 

Create a Stable Surface 

If you don’t already have somewhere you can put furniture, you need to install somewhere firm. You can sometimes sit out on the grass with a deck chair or lounger, but you don’t want your furniture sinking into the soft earth when it’s been raining. There are several options for your seating area, including a stone patio, gazebo or wooden deck. You might also choose to put in a poolside area if you have a swimming pool. Patios aren’t difficult to lay, and you can do it yourself using good patio installation and maintenance guides. Decks may be slightly trickier but are still achievable. A gazebo is excellent for creating a more secluded space, but is a 3D structure that will become a definite feature in your garden. 

Outdoor Furniture 

Of course, you just can’t move a living room or dining room set outside. When you choose furniture for your outdoor seating area, it needs to be suitable for different weather conditions. You might choose something that you can fold up and put away when it rains, but it’s still better to have something waterproof. UV protection is a must, or else your items will start to fade under the intense rays of the sun. You could set up a dining area with a table and chairs, or you might choose to create somewhere comfortable to sit. Maybe you’ll want a sofa and chairs around a fire pit or coffee table. 

Over Your Head 

Whenever you’re outside, you’ll be exposed to the elements, whether it’s sun, wind or rain. You should think about whether you want something to protect you from the high sun and perhaps if you want to be able to sit outside when it’s raining. Some folding parasols or umbrellas are excellent for creating some shade. You could also choose to use an awning, of which there are several types. A metal one will keep the rain away too, and having one that unfolds and retracts at the push of a button is useful. 

When you’re planning your outdoor seating space, think carefully about its intended purpose. You can make choices that give you exactly what you were hoping for.