Steps To Take Building Your Own Home

Home Decoration Ideas

It used to be a dream but now it’s a definite reality. You can shape and build your own new home from scratch. But, how do you do this and what are the steps you need to take? Well, if you think you need a degree in engineering or knowledge in architecture, you’d be wrong. The process is actually a lot simpler than you’d probably believe. In fact, we think we can take you through the whole process in five steps or less, so let’s get started.

Decide On A Budget

Your first step is to decide how much you are willing to spend on building this home. That’s going to include the interior and exterior design. We imagine a lot of people have a fixed price of under 250 thousand. But, you can build your home for a lot more or less. It all depends on how much you have in the bank, what you can sell and if you can borrow. You can speak to a loan company about borrowing more than you have. So, write down a number and keep that in mind because you’ll need to remember it when speaking to building companies.

Where Is Your House Going To be?

Well, this is your next question to answer. Where do you want to build this dream house? You might already have somewhere in mind. But remember, you will need to buy the land and gain planning permission. We’ll talk about that a little further down. But for now, you might want to consider building a house in a place that is already being set up for custom homes. For instance, gated communities are often set up with each individual owner choosing how they want their home built. It’s an easy way to ensure you get a great piece of land at a brilliant price.

Choose A Building Company

Now unless you do have an engineering degree and a knack for architecture, you’re not going to be building the home yourself. Those days are long passed. Your best option is to find a reputable and respected building company who will manage the job for you. It’s fairly simple to find these businesses because a new custom home builder seems to pop up every other day. When you check them out, find out as much information as possible about who they are and what they do. Make sure they can and will work within that budget we talked about otherwise the financing can become a nightmare.

Get Planning Permission

Usually, a building a company will sort all this out for you. But, you need to speak to them before you buy any land. They have to make sure that legally you can build on the property and get all the appropriate permits. This can take up to two weeks to a month. After that, the building process will begin.

Once the house is completed, after around six months, you’ll get a certificate of approval. At this point the house is yours and you are officially living the American dream. You’ve built your own home and paid for it with your money. Now all you have to do is move in!