Color Blocking Your Home: Tried and True

Color Blocking Your Home

Color blocking is a great way to give your room more energy and personality. It has become a big thing in the interior design world lately. Color blocking is a technique that uses solid contrasting colors in a room’s decoration; from fabrics, to paints, to upholstery.

Being surrounded by so much color is something that should make you extremely happy!! How does this trend translate to interior design? Spaces filled with color brings a look of energy and liveliness to the room.

How to Use Color Blocking in your Home Décor

Color blocking is when you combine solid colors to create patterns. It is a great way to make your interiors bold and modern, or even subtle. It’s up to you! Here are some ideas for color blocking that might interest you.


An easy way to add color to your floors is by using a color blocked rug. Different from when you purchase a Persian rug or any other patterned rug, with these you can customize it to exactly what you want. You get to decide which colors to use and how large each block of pattern will be. For a semi-modern looking space, use blocks of primary colors separated by strips of black. For a more traditional space, try out multiple shades of one color or use earth tones to create a warm feeling.


One of the hardest things to do is to find bedding that appeals to both men and women. Color blocking solves that problem and allows you to have colors and patterns that are not too girlie for him and manly for her.


If your thing is bright, bold colors, then you should consider using a color blocking pattern when upholstering your chair or sofa. You should pick a different color for the back, the seat, and the arms/sides. This idea is also useful in a playroom or bedroom of a child.

Room / Furniture Accessories

A space painted in neutral colors can easily be energized by using color blocking. Try color blocking in your throw pillows, throws/blankets, picture frames, and vases.


The best way to use color blocking with your artwork is to use frames on abstract pieces, pick solid mats and frame them. This is a great idea if you’re wanting to frame some small prints or pieces of your children’s art.

Color blocking is a simple way to bring color to your living space without having to worry about different patters. People seem to think it is only meant for modern homes. This isn’t true! It can be used in any space you would like it to be!