Civil Engineering Jobs in Construction Projects

Construction Jobs

The construction industry consists of many branches, which distribute together to create construction projects. The job market in the construction industry is developing rapidly making the construction industry one of the hottest careers in job market. Herein after is the list of hot jobs in Civil Engineering Field.

1. Construction Engineers

This job profile involves a lot of planning, including structural planning and its development, etc. However, due to the safety concerns in the construction industry, the construction engineers usually tend to focus more upon the paper work like viewing and studying the contracts, keeping a check on the available construction materials, etc. The average salary of the construction engineer ranges from $55000 to $60000.

2. Architects

The architect usually advises the construction contractor by preparing drawings and instructions with respect to the planned structure. The average income of the architect may range anywhere from $70000 to $80000. Architectural firms are always on the lookout for new talent and architects can also progress into high paying fields like real estate, project management, etc.

3. Construction Surveyors

Civil engineering is incomplete without the aspect of surveying involved. Surveying is nothing but using scientific methods in order to determine the area and the feasibility of the construction project. This simply means that the surveyors form the brain by determining the points, angles and distance of the construction site. The average salary of the surveyor ranges from $70000 to $90000.

4. Health and Safety Manager

This is one of the most responsible jobs out there in the construction industry. Safety is main concern on construction sites due to the accident-prone nature of the work involved. The construction safety manager is responsible for maintaining and keeping the safety of the workers in mind, especially during the construction work. He has to make sure that he maintains the safety standards according to the rules and the regulations that have been prescribed by the State or the District Safety departments.

Nowadays the demand for houses, office buildings and other structures is increasing creating a huge demand for jobs in the construction industry. There are many other fields that you can consider such as construction accounting, construction estimating, construction management, CAD…