Civil Engineer Book Reviews: Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 software

The only comprehensive reference and tutorial for Civil 3D 2011

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011Civil 3D is Autodesk’s popular, robust civil engineering software, and this fully updated guide is the only one endorsed by Autodesk to help students prepare for certification exams. Packed with expert tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials, this book covers every aspect of Civil 3D 2011, the preferred software package for designing roads, highways, subdivisions, drainage and sewer systems, and other large-scale civic projects.

  • This is the official, Autodesk-endorsed guide to Civil 3D, the leading software for designing large-scale civic systems such as highways, subdivisions, and sewer systems
  • Covers all the key concepts, the software interface, and best methods for creating, editing, displaying, and labeling all elements of a civic engineering project
  • Features in-depth, detailed coverage of surveying, points, alignments, surfaces, profiles, corridors, grading, LandXML and LDT Project Transfer, cross sections, pipe networks, visualization, sheets, and project management
  • Includes what students need to pass the Civil 3D 2011 Certified Associate and Certified Professional exams

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 is a complete course in the real-world application of Civil 3D as well as the ultimate study guide for certification.

Further Reviews

Design Your Way from Field to Finish with This Expert Guide

Create winning designs and effectively manage every stage of your projects with this Autodesk Official Training Guide for Autodesk’s powerful civil engineering software. Authored by experts with close ties to the software development team and the Civil 3D community, this book offers an in-depth, tutorial-based approach that is grounded in real-world examples so that you can get the most out of Civil 3D.

Fully updated for Civil 3D 2011’s new features, such as advanced tools for geospatial and earthwork analysis, this book not only shows you how to use Civil 3D in a production environment, it also prepares you for Autodesk’s Civil 3D 2011 Certified Associate and Certified Professional exams.

Coverage includes:

  • Digging deep into Civil 3D 2011, including new tools and functionality
  • Working field to finish with in-depth information on field surveying
  • Using helpful intersection tools to shorten the design of complex corridors
  • Designing models using practical data that helps you anticipate issues
  • Creating construction documents in a flash with the Plan Production tool
  • Building project visualizations that don’t break the bank or the schedule

And more:

  • Sharpen Your Civil 3D 2011 Skills with Real-World Engineering Examples
  • Design Subdivision and Lot Layouts with Precision and Ease
  • Plan the Efficient Movement of Materials During Construction
  • Produce More Accurate Construction Plans to Increase Field Efficiency
  • Prepare for the Civil 3D 2011 Certified Associate and Certified Professional Exams.