[BOOK] Civil Engineering Reference Manual

Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam

About the author

The book of Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam is written by Michael R. Lindeburg. He is a well known and reputed personality in the field of engineering be it civil or mechanical.  Now he is sharing his experience with others, with the help of the various books written by him. It is his motto to help amateurs in various ways in their path of being an engineer.

This book is a complete Study guide from Professional publication publisher for CIVIL PE exam.  As per publisher views, It is one of the extensive reference study guide for civil PE exam found in the market.  It provides a consolidate topics on Civil Engineering PE exam. It is best seller throughout the years for CIVIL Engineering students who are appearing PE exam. And the readers of the book have similar things to say about it.

The inception

Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam is complete solution for the PE exam. It is an e-book as well as available in hard cover. It contains most structural and effective study material for those who are preparing for the PE exam. It is most comprehensive and more compact than any other book found in the market. Students make them prepare quickly with this study guide for the exam. Content wise it is very productive and advantageous. It covers a complete study schedule and more than 500 solved problems which can coach the student in a better way.

Both side of a coin

As each thing is attributed with an opposite side so is this book. Despite various positive and advantageous aspects of the book, it does have some minor and negative issues. The pros and cons of the book are-


The practical solved example problem makes students habituated with the nature of exam so that the students can achieve a good result in PE exam.  It also incorporated with index and glossary which is very easy to find any problematic area. There are huge ranges of charts, tables, figures etc for better understanding of lesions. It gives students a quick idea on question type and exam mode.  It also enclose near about 440 test papers which can help give students a better idea about problem solving techniques.


The only minor negativity in the book is about its vastness but with all the other aspects in line this issue is not something for consideration.


Thus Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam gives a complete reference for not only how to prepare PE exam but also make student very confident to appear for the exam. It helps student to take the right decision in the exam hall for solving the appropriate questions.