American Society of Civil Engineers Annual Awards Banquet


Frayji Design Group, specialing in civil engineering in Sacramento, and the Nelson Lane Improvement Project garnered more awards as the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Sacramento Section held their Annual Awards Banquet on February 25th, 2015. The Nelson Lane Improvement Project won the Small Project of the Year Award resulting from its successful nature and critical role in transforming the sleepy rural lane west Lincoln suddenly overwhelmed with traffic into a safe modern roadway in under one year of construction season. With the entire Project Team assembled to collectively receive the honor associated with the lauded project, the mood was distinctly celebratory. Sharing the Award with Frayji Design Group was Drake Haglan and Associates, Cardno Entrix, Civil Engineering Solutions, Parikh Consulting, Holdrege and Kull, HDR Construction Control Corporation, Knife River Construction, and RNR Construction all under the umbrella of Project Owner, the City of Lincoln.

The Annual Awards Banquet recognizes achievement of engineers throughout the greater Sacramento Section in numerous disciplines and niches of civil engineering, including Roadway and Highways, Bikeways and Trails, Flood Management and Structural Project. All honorees in the sixteen Awards Categories deserve high praise for advancing the profession, including highest honors to the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission for the Altamont Corridor Express Equipment Maintenance and Layover Facility which secured the 2014 Sacramento Section Project of the Year Award. Frayji Design Group, a civil engineer in Sacramento applauds the showcase of excellence.

Senior executive advisor to the California Department of Water Recourses (DWR) Raphael Torres keynoted the event, providing a look at the past, present and the future of water in California. Utilizing a video recounting the grand achievement of the State Water Project (“Wings over Water”, Mr. Torres lauded the visionaries who envisioned and built the project. Next, he used aspect of that monumental undertaking to highlight the current state of water resources in California, including the present drought. From that foundation, Mr. Torres considered the future of water in California given the political, environmental and demographic climate of California.