Add a Sense of Style to Your Space with Original Vintage Posters and Prints

logoCollecting artwork not only brings beauty but also a great bit of history into your home or office. If you are considering your wall décor to include original vintage posters and prints to enhance the interior design of your home or office, read on to discover an interesting fact. Amazing, stunning retro posters and prints exist that date back to mid-19th century Europe and can add an element of intrigue when you stop to think about the process that went into creating them by the stone lithograph method that was used as early as the 1880s through the 1940s.

A great deal of time and effort went into creating lithographs. Designs were drawn or painted by hand with wax or oils onto stone slabs with each colored design for the finished poster being added to a separate slab. Then, the design was made permanent on the stone after an acid preparation wiped over the stone etched the areas that were not painted. The next step required the stone be dampened with water and an oil-based ink was applied over the stone. The ink only adhered to the original artwork because oil and water do not mix. Finally, the lithographer stamp transferred each inked stone plate to paper to create a marvelous piece of artwork that was typically used to advertise everything from products such as Champagne, and detergent to events such as cabarets, theatre, and the Opera.

When decorating with original vintage poster and print lithographs, you make a positive statement or an impression about your personal taste in fine art. You do not necessarily have to buy a pricey poster from well-known artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, LeonattoCappiello, Alphonse Mucha, or Cassandre because there are affordable, truly impressive lithographs available from relatively unknown artists. At Rue Marcellin, you will find vintage posters and prints that will delight your soul, satisfy your sense of style, and show your appreciation of the bygone days. Check them out at  You can also check out their Facebook page at