8 Essential Ways to Keep Your Construction Site Safe

The construction site is probably one of the most dangerous places to work. With all of the big equipment and the sheer amount of employees, anything could end up going wrong. The following 8 tips will help you when it comes to keeping your construction site safe: 

1.Train All Staff in Health and Safety 

Make sure all of your staff are trained in health and safety. This should be an ongoing thing too; not completed once and then forgotten about. All employees must have health and safety imprinted in their brain permanently, so doing it once every few months is important. 

2. Have a First Aider on Site 

By having a first aider on site, you can respond quickly to any accidents or illness while you wait for medical assistance. There should always be somebody on site who is trained in first aid and can administer medical care to a certain extent. 

3. Use a Wireless Security System 

A wireless security system, such as Tag Systems, has a multitude of benefits that will help to keep your site safe. Not only will you have alarms for break ins and fires, you will also have CCTV. It’s beneficial to have a system such as this in place to cover a lot of bases. 

4. Make Sure Hazards are Acknowledged 

If you spot hazards, point them out. Make sure your staff are capable of identifying hazards and warning others too. 

5. Regularly Inspect Equipment 

The equipment you use must be in full working order, otherwise something could go seriously wrong. You must regularly inspect your equipment for any damage and repairs required. You may even need to get outsiders in to look at the equipment. If it needs fixing or replacing, don’t put it off and make sure that particular machine is out of use. Your employees should know how to inspect equipment before they use it too. 

6. Ensure You Have a Sturdy Fence 

A sturdy, perhaps electric fence is always going to deter criminals and stop them from entering your site.

Site Safety

picture from Elliot Brown 

7. Clean Up Properly 

If you fail to clean up properly, then you run the risk of creating more hazards for your team. Make sure they know exactly what is expected of them at the end of the day, and everything is back in its designated spot. 

8. Install Lights or Motion Sensors 

By having a well lit construction site, thieves will be less likely to try their luck. They won’t like the fact that the cameras can pick up their face more easily. If you’re worried about the cost of having the place lit up all night long, you can consider installing motion sensors. Having equipment like this sometimes helps to catch thieves red handed. 

Use these 8 tips, and you’ll find that your construction site is a much safer environment for all. There are other things you can try too, but you really shouldn’t ignore these pointers. Leave a comment if you have any tips of your own to share!