5 Things Your New Kit Home Needs

Kit Home DesignKit homes are a great alternative to building a conventional home.  Kit homes in Victoria and all over Australia are being erected because they are cost efficient and there are lots of designs to choose from.  They can be built in as little as eight weeks and you can save a considerable amount of money by building it yourself, or at least part of it.  You can choose from either a timber or steel frame, with steel being a good option if you are planning on building in a rural area as it is more fire resistant as well as being termite resistant.


 When most new homes are built they generally have very little plants or trees surrounding them.  New housing estates offer vacant blocks and if you build on one of these you will need to get to work on your garden once your home is finished.  A garden will not only improve the look of your property it will also increase its value.  Draw up some plans of what you want and take note of the type of soil and climate.  Go into a nursery armed with details of your property, which areas get a lot of sunlight, which are shaded areas and have them help you choose plants for your garden.  Plants can be expensive so you might want to do it a step at a time.  If you want an instant garden you can always hire a landscape gardener.


 Some new residential blocks don’t have boundary fences erected and it is the responsibility of the home owner to have one built, with the cost shared with the neighbour.  Timber paling fences are the cheapest option and these can be built in various styles, either with turned posts and capping, or with just simple paling’s.  You might want to put in a gate to the back garden so you can access the rear of your home but still keep it secure.

 Entertainment area

 With Australia’s perfect summers every home needs to have a barbecue.  Go that one step further and build a whole entertainment area so you can enjoy the weather and time with friends.  Rather than just some outdoor furniture put some thought in your outdoor area and create a space that you can spend a lot of time in all year round.  Paving or timber decking should be laid first and shade is important too.  If your home doesn’t have a veranda  either install one or build a pergola.  Outdoor kitchens are becoming popular, with room to prepare food, a small bar fridge and a sink, the cook need not be stuck inside the house away from all the guests.


 If your design of kit home doesn’t include a veranda you might want to think about building one.  A veranda will not only give you somewhere to sit on a hot day and shelter you from the weather, it will also shade your windows meaning that your home will stay a few degrees cooler in summer reducing your need for air conditioning.

 Wood heater

 A wood heater such as a Coonara is a great addition to any home, and if you have built your kit home out on a rural block a wood fire is a good idea as you can burn any timber you have available on your property.  They look great, keep the house warm and you save on electricity.