Common Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Pumped

The septic tank connected to your home performs an important function. This tank is responsible for holding the waste produced by your home. Though most tanks can hold a significant amount of waste, there may come a time when you need that tank pumped. Before calling for professional septic service help though, you should consider some of the signs that it needs pumping. If you notice any of these signs around your home, call septic professionals for an inspection or a consultation. They can let you know whether pumping is the best option for your tank.

Sewage Backing Up

The most common sign of a full septic tank is sewage that backs up into your home. When you flush waste down the toilet and it reaches a full tank, your plumbing system may attempt to force that sewage back inside. This can result in black water and sludge pooling up in the bottom of your shower or tub and waste appearing inside your toilet. Though you can snake your drains, there is a chance that those materials will keep backing up into your home until you pump or flush your tank.

Lawn Symptoms

Some of the signs that professionals look for during a septic tank inspection are problems with your lawn. A common sign they might find is one or more puddles on the lawn. This can indicate that the septic tank backed up or that sewage pooled outside of the tank and rose to the surface of the grass. Another sign of a septic tank problem is when the lawn itself looks well maintained and watered. If your grass looks bright green and your plants look healthy but you do little lawn care, the vegetation may thrive because of the nutrients provided by the tank.

Slow Draining

You should also look at the drains in your house as well as your toilets. Some people with a backed up sewer line and full tank find that when they flush the toilet, it takes longer for the water to drain out of the bowl. You may also notice that water moves slower through your drains. This can lead to your shower taking hours to drain or your sinks to drain slower than before. All these signs can indicate that you need to flush or pump your septic tank. Hire professionals to both inspect and repair your tank.