4 Business Printing Ideas

While it may seem that things like printing businesses are becoming out of date in the digital age, that is not true. There is plenty of demand for commercial printers of all types. In fact, as technology improves, the opportunity exists to put words and pictures on just about anything.

1. Books

One of the oldest commercially printed products, hardcover and paperback books are still in demand by avid readers. For many people, there is something special about snuggling up on the couch and getting lost in a good book. Part of that experience is being able to hold the physical book as opposed to grabbing an electronic reading device. Printing books requires the proper equipment, and that equipment needs to be maintained with things like Anilox cleaners. Do research before buying anything, as paper quality and thickness can vary, and machines needed have different lifespans.

2. Apparel

Printing pictures and words on t-shirts, pants and hoodies can be a very lucrative business model if done correctly. Many companies like to put their logo on things like hats and shirts to give away at events or provide to employees. Celebrities, influencers and vloggers with large fanbases can also be excellent clients. Even without having clients who want to have personalized items to sell, printing on apparel can bring in a profit. Hire an in-house designer or freelancer to come up with witty phrases or fun designs and start up a company that handles every aspect of the design and creation process.

3. Bags

Stores that want customers to know how environmentally friendly they are often offer reusable bags for sale that have the company logo and slogan printed on them. Charities may also be interested in having bags made that sport their message to sell on their website to raise funds, or to give away at fundraising events.

4. Mugs

Cups and mugs are a great choice because they are versatile. They can be made with designs that appeal to children, teenagers or adults. Potential clients include businesses that want to have something to give employees as a gift and content creators as part of a marketing strategy.

It is a good idea to research exactly what equipment will be needed before making a purchase. The equipment and supplies needed will depend on what will be specialized in. Research the target market before doing anything in order to figure out who the clients are and how to best serve their needs and tailor the business accordingly.