3 Mistakes to Avoid When You Remodel Your Bathroom

If your facilities are no longer meeting your needs, you may be thinking about remodeling. All home improvement projects can have glitches, but dealing with remodeling a small bathroom brings problems of its own. Ideally, you want to maximize the available space in a way that improves function while maintaining visual appeal. This can be tricky if the space is limited or the room itself has logistical problems. Here are some problems you may not be aware of and what you can avoid them before construction begins.

1. Design is key. Remodeling a bathroom often means ripping out old plumbing and fixtures and utilizing the available space more efficiently. This is especially important when dealing with a smaller room. The project should be planned down to the last detail before any work begins, with an eye toward the needs of all residents and future upkeep.

2. Pay attention to ventilation. This may seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this essential feature is overlooked. A fan is the obvious choice, but with a smaller bathroom, you can also add a skylight or install a large block window to increase natural light, make the room look bigger and provide additional air flow while still maintaining privacy. This configuration will also help reduce energy bills by limiting the need for artificial ventilation and lighting, and you’ll keep excess moisture in check.

3. Don’t ignore floor space. Opening up the amount of floor space will not only make cleaning easier, it will make the whole room appear larger. Consider swapping out the bathtub for a shower stall and purchase wall-mounted toilets and sinks. A frameless glass door in the shower will provide an additional illusion of space. If storage is a problem, a sink and vanity combination placed in the corner works well in smaller bathrooms. You can also consider recessed storage in the wall for towels and toiletries; this is also a good option for installing a medicine cabinet.

Some of the benefits of a small bathroom include having everything you need within reach and the ease of keeping a small space clean. Choosing an experienced, reputable contractor will help ensure that your remodel will proceed with fewer problems and end with better results. You can find a good contractor through word of mouth or by searching and interviewing several in your local area.