2 Tips To Clean Outdoor Furniture Materials

Going outside is good for the soul. Whether you’re strolling around a park, frolicking through a forest or utilizing your backyard to the fullest, nature has been proven to provide a lot of health benefits for those who spend time outside. Having a backyard is a great way to spend time in nature by stocking your yard with comfy seats, tables to eat outside on and keeping up with new trends on the best outdoor daybeds list. However, what happens when you get all this furniture? It’s not going to stay good as new as it weathers rain, snow and other elements. Here are two tips on how to keep various materials clean.

1. Timber

This is a great type of material to invest in for outdoor furniture because it’s weatherproof and termite-proof. All you have to do with this material to keep it looking brand new is have a deep cleaning routine. Use a stiff brush to remove oil and dirt and then wipe everything down with dish soap and bleach. This will keep the wood in pristine condition for years to come. You can also finish it off with a sealer or stain to lock in color.

2. Fabric

Fabric furniture has come a long way. From days when moisture would cause mold and other bacteria to grow, today’s outdoor fabrics are made much better and can withstand the elements with a lot more success. To keep your cushions clean and smelling fresh, hose off excess dirt and give them a good washing with dish soap. Leave the cushions out to dry in the sun. After this, you can sit back, relax and bask in the comfort of a freshly cleaned fabric cushion.

If you love spending time outside, keeping up with a cleaning routine for all your outdoor accessories is a must. It’ll make the time you spend outdoors even more enjoyable.