What do architects do?

The life of an architect can take on many forms. There are some that focus solely on the building of homes, while others work mainly on the design of interior spaces. Of course, architects can also work on office buildings, hospitals, and vacation homes. There really isn’t a structure that a well-trained architect can’t design and build.

Another aspect that architects deal with is permits and other municipal requirements. It can take a lot of paperwork to get a small cottage built, and the amount necessary for a large office building can be even more! There are a number of well-respected architectural firms available, and finding the right one for a person’s or project’s unique needs is worth the time and energy. Below are a few of the top architectural firms that a person with a building project can consider.

Helle Sjåvåg Sivilarkitekt

Established in 2005, the architectural firm of Helle Sjåvåg Sivilarkitekt is a full-service company. They offer services in all forms of projects, including residential, commercial, and private. The firm’s website offers good insight into its style. The online gallery includes example photos and information about projects from recent years. This firm is well-experienced and has built a reputation for being reliable and professional. Home builders can rely on them to create a structure that will be more than a house for their family. And, commercial and public clients can count on them to build structures that are both efficient and welcoming. There are a variety of different projects for which they are well-suited. Anyone who is looking for an architectural firm with a contemporary aesthetic can consider them as part of their selection process.


Aix is a firm that works mainly with public spaces. Some of their more recent projects include the installation of the new outdoor pool at Jarvafaltet and the restoration of the Stockholm Castle. Their work is contemporary and veers toward large, government-funded projects. Their team can handle everything from the design of the building to the interior structures and fixtures. They are a great choice for any organization that requires a large firm that is experienced with public projects. Aix is also very adept at design and engineering work, which makes them a great all-purpose firm for large or small projects.


For those who want to work with a firm that values sustainability, Tengbom is a great choice. Their team is well-experienced with all types of projects, from residential homes and buildings to LEED-certified office buildings. They are also able to help clients with projects such as retrofitting systems to ones that are more efficient and sustainable. Tengbom is an architectural firm that is passionate about the environment and creating spaces that reflect the need to care for our planet. They are in touch with think tanks and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new innovations and more efficient methods for building and design.

The life of an architect

When it comes to an interesting and exciting career, architects really have it made! They are involved in every step of the building process and can work on new construction as well as the renovation of existing buildings. Many people in this field choose a specialization. This means that they may only work on residential projects. Or others may choose to focus on the construction of hospitals and other public buildings. Still, others may choose offices and apartments. There really are a number of different ways that an architect can approach their profession.

Some firms may only work on contemporary projects while others are drawn toward more traditional style projects. There really is no limit to the possibilities! Finding the right architect for a project will entail looking at a firm’s past work, the style of the projects they choose, and the experience and credentials of the architect. All of these factors can help to narrow down the selection process and make the determination of the right architect for the project more straightforward. There is a lot riding on choosing the right project, and it can be very difficult to undo any mistakes that may occur.  This is not an undertaking that should be taken lightly.