Ways to Make a Half Bathroom Remodel Rewarding

The half bathroom remodel used to be overlooked in favor of much bigger renovation projects, but it’s becoming more popular as homeowners realize that this can be a much simpler and cost-effective way of upgrading and sprucing up their property. For homes that are lacking a half bath, it also makes an appealing addition for those who feel they don’t have quite enough bathroom space but don’t want to go so far as to have another full bathroom built.

Even though there’s less room to work with and they may not serve as many purposes since they don’t have tubs or showers, half baths allow for convenience. In addition, as the ideas below will show you, this is a great place to showcase your personal style, even giving you much more freedom in some areas of the design plans.

Have Fun With the Walls

In a larger bathroom where you’re going to spend quite a bit of time, you’re likely to go with a more neutral color for the walls or something that you know you won’t get sick of and won’t be a major turnoff to buyers if you ever decide to sell. You must also think about the appropriate type of surfaces to withstand constant moisture. On the other hand, you will never have to worry about condensation accumulation in a half bath, and with less space to cover, you can opt for a bolder paint color or wallpaper without it being overwhelming.

Consider Your Sink Options

Depending on your storage needs, there are a couple of different sink options you can choose from. You may decide this is a great opportunity to put in a luxurious vanity that boasts expensive granite or marble along with exquisite wood since it requires fewer materials than one built for a full bathroom, thus being more affordable, or you might want to open up the floor layout and install an elegant pedestal sink that is sure to catch the eye of all your company.

Select the Flooring You Always Wanted

Just like with wall finishes, the flooring you select in a full-sized bath has to be suitable for enduring moisture buildup to prevent mold and mildew growth. Again, this isn’t a concern with a half bathroom remodel because there isn’t much to contribute to a damp environment. This means you can go ahead and pick the hardwood, stone or glossy tile floor that you couldn’t have in other restrooms.

Keep Lighting and Ventilation in Mind

One thing you don’t want to forget during your remodel is how important lighting and ventilation is even in a half bath. Most won’t have natural light coming in or windows to promote airflow, so you want to make sure you accommodate for this by including a fan in your design plans as well as adequate and decorative lighting.

Oftentimes, smaller restrooms see more traffic because of their location and accessibility for guests. So the next time you’re considering a home improvement project, a half bathroom remodel may be the perfect choice.