Trends in Apartment Decorating

Decorating an apartment presents its own set of challenges. For example, how much do you decorate if you may move in a year or two? Also, how do you decorate a smaller space so that it feels personal but not overwhelming? One trend in apartment living is that many young professionals are choosing to stay in apartments rather than buy homes. They choose a complex with an excellent location with high walkability and save money by never owning a car. Because of their planned longevity to the area, these types of renters take decorating more seriously.

Wall Work

Gray walls are on their way out and warm pinky-beige walls are in. Murals are also in, so if you’re trying to decorate a 2 bedroom apartment in east side Manhattan, for example, you might consider a blush tone for the bedroom walls and something bold and abstract painted on the wall in the common living space.

Walls are also the place to hang everything. Floating shelves serve a dual purpose in a small space. They provide storage or a display area, and they help keep the floor uncluttered. The same idea is true for using wall-mounted sconces instead of floor lamps. Sconces can provide warm room or specific task lighting. Side tables can also be attached to the wall and folded down when not needed creating greater flexibility in an apartment.

Textile Mash-up

Keep the furniture simple with clean lines. There is no need for overstuffed anything in an apartment. Create personality through interesting texture and bold-patterned accessories. It’s okay to mix and match designs on pillows, throw rugs and art. These small bits of exuberant color add style and fun to a small space without overdoing it.

Apartment living is home living for many, so there is no reason to not make the space your own. Keep the smaller scale of the rooms in mind along with current decorating trends to turn your apartment into your castle