Specification for Mixing Concrete

Mixing Concrete using Truck MixerConcrete shall be mixed at the construction site, at a central mixing plant, in a truck mixer, or by a combination of central plant and truck mixing. Hand-mixing may be used only when approved by the Engineer. No concrete shall be mixed, placed, or finished when the natural light is insufficient, unless an adequate and approved artificial lighting system is operated.

Mixing at site of concrete construction

Concrete shall be mixed in a batch mixer of the type and capacity approved by the Engineer. Mixing time shall be determined by the Engineer in accordance with Method of Test for Variation in Unit Weight of Air Free Mortar in Freshly Mixed Concrete. When results of the above tests are not available, the mixing time shall be longer than 1 1/2 minutes after all the materials have been introduced into the mixer, but in no case shall the mixing time exceed three times the mixing time prescribed above.

Charging of water into the mixer shall begin before the cement and aggregates enter the drum. During mixing, the drum shall be operated at speeds specified by manufacturers. Pick-up blades in the drum of the mixer which are worn down 20 mm or more at any part must be replaced.

The volume of a batch shall not exceed the manufacturer’s rated capacity of the mixer without written permission of the Engineer. No mixer whose rated capacity is less than a one-bag batch shall be used.

Concrete shall be mixed only in such quantities as are required for immediate use, and concrete which is not of the required consistency at the time of placement shall not be used. Re-tempering of concrete will not be permitted. Entire content of the mixer shall be removed from the drum before materials for the next batch are placed therein. Upon cessation of mixing for a considerable length of time, the mixer shall be cleaned thoroughly. Upon resumption of mixing, the first batch of concrete material placed in the mixer shall contain sufficient sand, cement, and water to coat the inside surface of the drum without diminishing the required mortar content of the mix.