Simple Tips to Improve Your Home

We all desire an attractive up to date home. A well-groomed yard, as well as other exterior accents, are usually what it takes to achieve this. Most of us think that we need a substantial budget to create these types of changes, however, nothing could be further from the truth. A more attractive presentation is easily within your reach.

Clean Up

Most of us don’t realize how powerful cleaning up can be. Look around your yard. Do you have mismatched planters all over the place? Has your front porch become extra storage? Is the mailbox broken? Take inventory. Your first mission is to clean up. After you clean up, you will have a clear vision of what needs to be done to boost your home’s curb appeal. This step just requires elbow grease. Your yard is your masterpiece. You are simply clearing your palette so that you can paint later.

Fix What’s Broken

The next step is to fix whatever is broken. This could be the shutters, the mailbox, or the falling down gutters. Walk around your home and make a list of any and everything in disrepair. Then get to work. Fix anything that’s broken. You are simply creating a blank slate to build on. Broken things make it difficult to plan and decorate. Plus, they detract from the overall look and function of your home. This is also a simple step, unlike creating a minimum quantity lubrication system.

A few Simple Accents

Once everything is cleaned up and repaired, you have a true vision of your home’s potential. Take your time and allow your creative juices to flow. What do you see? Is your home dull and lackluster? Does it fade into the background scenery? If so, you may need a pop of color. Does your house lack interest and character? Maybe adding a rock garden or flower patch would spruce things up. Could you use a walkway to your garden in the backyard? Perhaps attractive pavers would be the right accent needed. The first thing that will probably surprise you is how little it will actually take to improve the appearance of your home, once everything has been repaired and cleaned up.

It doesn’t take much to bring the appearance of your home out of the dark ages. A little housekeeping and imagination are usually enough to get the ball rolling. Use your creativity and choose a few accents that will add interest and impact to your home’s presentation.