Safety Arrangement for General Layout of Construction Site

Construction SafetySurrounding the site, it is required to have fence and guard house so no functional people can not go into the site. In case that public roads go through the site, another new roads or paths have to be set up (after receiving an approval from relevant authorities). If new roads/paths can not be set up, clear signs have to be hung up in order to inform all vehicles to slow down their speed when passing through.

Each site has to get a notice board containing following information:

Location of main project, sub-project, temporary project.

Locations of processing workshop, storage, assembly yards for structures and equipments for constructions.

Locations for arranging materials, scraps, pre-cast concrete structures

Housing areas, working areas, dining rooms and sanitary tools for workers, employees

Routes, roads for all kinds of transpoting and construction vehicles.

Power and water supply systems for constructions and daily activities.

Site surface and construction areas have drainage system in order to ensure that construction works are conducted in dry and clean places. Water is not allowed to stagnate on surface of the site or run into the foundation holes.

For sites near seas, rivers, streams, they must have methods for preventing floods.

For projects built on dams, pumping stations, hydro-electricity stations…with big underground flow, it is required to have firm small dykes and drainage systems in order to ensure safety for all circumstances.

Under-construction sites must be neat, clean, waste objects and obstacles must be arranged neatly.

Wells, trenchs, holes on the surface of the site and gaps on floors are surely covered or having certain fences for walking people.

Trenchs, foundation holes near transportation routes must have barricades over 1m high, red lights in the night time.

When transporting surplus materials, waste materials from high positions (over 3m) to lower positions, it is required to have slipping gutters or lifting equipments. Bottom ends of the gutters must be put less than 1m from the ground. It is not allowed to pour waste materials when there is no barricades, signal boards, alarming peoples underneath.

Dangerous areas where materials can fall down freely from the high locations, it is required to have barricades, signal boards, or protective curtains.

For areas where the scaffoldings, formworks, old construction projects, reinforcement yards, installing machines and big equipments, harmful areas, cross-section roads … are under removing, there must be barriers or signs (the barriers’ structure must be suitable for the current site fence standard and the construction area standard); there must signing red lights at nights.