Reasons why it’s Worth Investing in Solar Energy

Solar Energy PanelsMore and more home and business owners are investing in solar energy and installing the renewable energy solution on their roofs. Fundamentally, it can help people save money and cut the property’s carbon footprint therefore it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Solar energy offers a lot more value for money for the future as opposed to fossil fuels; it really is a viable energy solution to boost one’s sustainability and save costs.

Here are 3 very good reasons why it is worth investing in solar roofing:

  • Save money

Simply put, you will save money. The renewable energy system does have an upfront cost but in the long-term it will save you money. The energy source is unlimited and sunlight is free compared to traditional fuels; therefore it will always be available. Eventually over the years, you will earn back the initial installation costs.

Numerous studies reveal that solar panels can save you up to 30% on your annual energy bills so for example, if your annual heating bill is £240, you will save over £70.

And not only do you save money but you can also generate an income. Homeowners can sell unused electrical units back to the Grid in the Government’s Feed in Tariff scheme.

  • Environmentally-friendly

Solar panels do not omit greenhouse gases so they are extremely eco-friendly. Traditional fuels used to generate electricity or heat cause pollution whereas solar roofing is contamination-free. What is more, they are also quiet so they cannot cause a distraction or disturbance on the environment.

There is a lot of emphasis on businesses improving their sustainability in order to boost the brand’s reputation. Showcasing your environmental credentials can influence sales and solar roofing is green.

Fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal will eventually run out or increase in price due to limited availability so it is crucial that you start to implement renewable energy solutions.

  • Maintenance

Solar panels don’t really need much maintenance; obviously some upkeep is required to maximise efficiency but not much cleaning is needed. They do have a long-life span (25 years) so the more you take care of them, the longer they will endure. How much cleaning is needed will depend on the weather. The best bet is to use warm water to remove debris, dust, bird droppings and snow but there are specialist window cleaning companies that can clean solar PV panels.

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