Project Planning Checklist

project manager checklist


  • Whose input do we need?
  • Whose input could we use?
  • Has anything like this been done before?
  • What mistakes can we learn from?
  • What successes can we learn from?
  • What resources do we have?
  • What resources might we need?

Executive issues

  • How does this relate to the strategic plan?
  • How does it relate to other priorities, directions, goals?
  • How will this affect our competitive position?


  • Who’s accountable for this project’s success?
  • Lines of communication
  • Methods of reporting
  • What structures do we need?
  • What planning is still likely to be required?
  • What re-grouping will we need? How often?
  • What people do we need?
  • Current staffing?
  • Hiring?
  • Subcontractors?
  • Consultants?
  • How do we get involvement?
  • What skills are required?
  • Who needs to know how to do what?
  • What training do we need?
  • How do we get it?
  • What other communication do we need?
  • Who needs to be informed as we go along?
  • What policies/procedures affected? What needed?
  • What about morale? Fun?
  • Staffing?


  • What will this cost?
  • How do we get it?
  • What might affect the cost?
  • Might we need additional $?
  • What are the potential payoffs ($)?
  • Who signs the checks?


  • What is the timing?
  • Hard deadlines?
  • What might affect timing?
  • Who’s going to do the work?
  • How do we ensure complete delivery?


  • How will we monitor our progress?
  • How will we know if we’re on course?
  • What data do we need, when?
  • What reports, to whom, when?


  • Whose buy-in do you need?
  • How can you get it?

Stakeholders – Considerations?

  • Board
  • Stockholders
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Community


  • Issues?
  • Regulations?


  • What requires room?
  • How do you get it?
  • What tools do we need? When?
  • Phones
  • Computers


  • What might you need to know?

Public Relations

  • Is there value in others knowing about this?
  • How do we do that?


  • What could happen?
  • Could we handle it?

Creative thinking…

  • Who would have concern about the success of this project?
  • What would they say, ask, or input, that you haven’t yet?
  • What’s the worst idea you can imagine, about doing this project?
  • (What is therefore the best idea, which is its opposite?)
  • What is the most outrageous thing you can think of, about this project?
  • How would a 12-year-old kid relate to this project?
  • What would make this project particularly unique?
  • What the worst that could happen?
  • How could we deal with that?
  • What’s the best that could happen?
  • Are we ready to deal with that?
  • How do we feel about this project?