Project Management – Processes and Standards

Project ManagementIn this article we will discuss about Project Management and its Processes and Standards.

1.Project Management Processes

Generally project management consists of five main processes as follows:

• Initiating Processes, including Acknowledgment, Codification, Providing the steps and activities necessary for commencement of the Project.
• Planning Processes, including Description, Determination of goals, Taking the optimum solution for gaining successful and Doing complete obligations.
• Executing Processes, including Coordination activities necessary between all project executive departments according to Planning Schedule.
• Controlling Processes, including all activities for assurance to reach the Project’s Goals.
• Closing Processes, including all activities according to the executed steps and pre-considered Goals of the Project.

2. Project Management Standard

The American Project Management Institute (PMI) is founded in 1991 to gather and categorize all backgrounds and experiences in management field in different respects. At the beginning of 80`s dedicate, a project was defined by the said Institute to generate a Uniform Practice necessary for Project Management pursuit in three main routs as:

• Determination of scientist and professional characteristics – Moral;
• Concepts and structure of project management – Standard;
• Determination of how to be professional – Certificate.

The book named “A Guide the Project Management Body Of Knowledge” (PMBOK) was pressed and established in 1996. This book was certified by American National Standard Institute (ANSI) in 1999 and updated by PMI in 2000. A Standard Code No. ANSI/PMI-99-001/2000 allocated to this book and has been practiced for Professional Project Management Execution. Processes of project management in 9 main features are the PMI Standard Project Management which is linked to each other on a matrix chart. The columns of the matrix chart are 5 routs of processes and its rows are consisting of Standard Project Management. Every box of the matrix defines relation between process activities and relevant article. The features of PMI Standard Project Management are as follows: