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Construction Planning and Scheduling Book ReviewAbout the author

The “Construction Planning and Scheduling” book was written by a very famous author -Jimmie W. Hinze. He is also the author of many best-sellers like “Construction Contract”, “Construction Safety”.


Construction Planning and Scheduling, Fourth Edition offers broad coverage of all major scheduling subjects. This comprehensive resource is designed for construction management, planning and scheduling. It follows a logical progression, introducing precedence diagramming early and following with chapters on activity durations, resource allocations, network schedules, and more. It reflects current trends in scheduling (short-interval scheduling, computer scheduling, linear scheduling etc.) and includes chapters on arrow diagramming and PERT. With an eye on application, it includes a unique discussion of contract provisions related to scheduling and incorporates a sample project throughout.

Expertise Review

Many textbooks have been published on the subject of construction scheduling. Many of them provide excellent information on a variety of scheduling subjects. Unfortunately, they are often limited in their scope, often omitting scheduling subjects that might be of particular interest to the reader. This text is written to provide broad coverage on all major scheduling subjects.

Presents a straightforward and comprehensive introduction to the techniques of construction scheduling as well as a wide range of related topics. Construction Scheduling includes discussions on the relationship of contract provisions to construction scheduling; the effects of management decisions on a construction schedule; and the concept of Linear Scheduling. It also presents a treatise on Short Interval Scheduling. An essential reference book for any professional or tradesman involved in or responsible for construction scheduling or supervising a construction project.

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5 stars (Excellence)


This book offers a good start and covers everything from Earned Value Analysis to Schedule Control to Legal Ramifications of poor planing and schedule maintenance. If you are about to get Construction Planning and Scheduling (latest edition), that are surely a smart decision.