The Personal Qualities Of A Great Project Manager

Project Manager

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The project manager on a construction job is the one holding it all together. She or he is the one that everyone turns to when there is a question that needs an answer. They are the leader on a civil engineering job, responsible for communicating the grand plan. 

They make the little things happen smoothly and make sure all the pieces come together. They solve problems, make decisions and make things happen. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Today we’re going to look at the five personal qualities that make a great project manager. How many do you have? 

Communication skills 

The project manager needs to be the best communicator on the site. They must be able to explain the bigger picture and articulate goals and objectives. This needs to happen on a wide scale and at a small level. They know how to update the senior executives in layman’s terms they understand. A project manager also need to communicate effectively with builders, plumbers and electricians. They need to get the best work from everyone on site and report back effectively. 

Inspire a shared vision 

Being a project manager is all about leading. And good leaders know how to inspire people to do their best work. People tend to work better when their is a grand plan to work towards. It’s the project leader’s job to inspire that work ethic. It’s their job to paint a picture of the construction job and create inspiration among the ranks. It’s no easy job. Passion and the ability to inspire a shared vision are the best ways to create this atmosphere. 


When it comes to great leaders, they all have one thing: respect of their peers. Great communication and inspiration only goes so far. To really command respect, the project leader must be competent at every level. They’ll know every word on this handy glossary of building inspection terms. They’ll have a strong understanding of wiring, plumbing and brickwork. They’ll have the competence to deal with every situation. That’s how a leader generates respect and that’s how you keep things moving swiftly on site. 

Cool under pressure 

Once a project is in full swing, a project manager’s job is putting out fires (sometimes real ones!). During any civil engineering job or residential build, problems inevitably crop up. There will be an issue that didn’t show up on surveys. There will be mistakes with orders. There will be delays and setbacks. A good project manager needs to deal with these problems efficiently and sensibly. They need to make decisions quickly and stick to their convictions. 

Team building skills 

Finally, a good project manager knows how to bring people together. All construction projects are a culmination of various people and trades. Bricklayers must work alongside an architect. Plumbers will be laying pipes while the electricians fit wiring. Each of these teams must work efficiently together. It’s the project manager’s job to make sure this all works smoothly. 

More than anything, great project leaders have passion. They care about the building process and they’re excited about its progress. This personality is infectious and will inspire great work. Think you’ve got what it takes?