How To Get Metal Signs Made For Your Business Premises

It doesn’t matter if you are moving into a new office building, or you’re improving an existing one. Large office buildings can sometimes get confusing to navigate. When you have visitors or new recruits to your business, they need to know how to move around your building without getting lost. 

Sometimes it can be confusing and frustrating trying to remember where people are based in a building! The easiest way to overcome such issues is to put up signs that help direct people. It’s standard practice for office buildings to have signs that point people in the right direction. 

If visitors and employees keep getting lost at your premises, it’s time to get some signs made up. Today’s handy guide will show you how to get this done. 

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What signs do you need? 

The first step is to determine what signs you need for your office building. There is an array of places where you could have signs to direct your colleagues and visitors. Examples include the following: 

  • In the lobby or reception area, next to elevators;
  • Inside elevators;
  • Walls facing elevators;
  • Overhead in corridors;
  • On doors. 

In general, the bigger your office building is, the more signs you will need. It’s important to establish which signs you need. On a campus, some company owners even resort to erecting maps on walls to help people find their way between buildings! 


The next question you need to answer is what typeface (i.e. font) should you use for your signs. I’m not going to recommend a particular font to you, because there are millions of them available for use. 

You need to make sure that the typeface you use is easy to read, especially from a distance. Forget about using fancy fonts that look like handwriting. Stick with plain fonts, and you won’t go wrong! 

One thing to bear in mind is licensing. Fonts are often covered by licensing. That means you have to pay to use fonts in a particular way. Check the license for the font you want to use so that you don’t end up in any legal hot water. 


You can have signs made up for you from a variety of materials. If you want durable signs that you’ll never have to replace in your lifetime, I recommend sticking with steel signs. Sheet metal is often used to create signs for the workplace. 

Steel is a great material because you can style it whichever way you want. Just make sure you use the right sheet metal components with them when getting them installed. The last thing you want to do is end up with signs that dangle down when they’re not supposed to!

Negotiating a deal 

Because of their bespoke nature, you will find many companies competing for your business. To get the signs you want for the lowest price possible, make sure you shop around for the best deal. 

If you’re a good negotiator, you could even ask for extras thrown into the deal for free! For instance, if you’re buying a large volume of signs, ask for free installation!