Major Types of Manufacturing Industries

Most of the products on the market go through a manufacturing process before reaching the consumers. Whether it’s your favorite juice or your lovely sweater, there is a process involved between production, consumption and IPC certification.

Common Manufacturing Industries Today

Food and Beverage Production

This industry is among the top employers around the world. Food production starts from growing agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, and animal products. On the other hand, beverage production involves the growing of agricultural products for final processing.

Clothing and Textiles

You should note that companies that process raw wool, flax, or cotton fall under this category. They process the fiber into yarns or fabrics. Some use synthetic fibers and chemicals to make non-woven or knitted material.

Leather and Wood

The leather industry is among the ancient sectors. Making products out of leather starts from preparation, tanning, finishing, and coating to safeguard the quality of the end product. The commonly used skin is from animals such as goats, horses, cows, and sheep.

Electronic and Computer

This is among the fast-growing industries worldwide because of the adoption of technology. The commonly made products are laptops, computers, TVs, and any other electronic device.

Metal Manufacturing

This industry is responsible for manufacturing plate metal, fittings, welding wire, flat and sectional metal. These materials are either cut, assembled, or bent to make the final product.

Paper and Wood

The paper industry produces materials such as plywood, packaging paper, veneers, and cardboard. The first step in paper production is converting material into pulp. The next step is to convert pulp into paper. On the other hand, wood processing involves sawing, shaping, and assembling products.

The above-mentioned manufacturing industries either produce their products on a small scale or large-scale manufacturing. Some industries depend on others to make finished goods. For instance, the chemical manufacturing sector makes chemicals used for the production of goods by other sectors.