How to Maintain Your Artificial Grass Lawn

How to Maintain Artificial Grass LawnThe good news is, if you have purchased a synthetic grass lawn you are in for a real treat as any required maintenance is very minimal, especially when compared to a traditional real grass lawn. This article aims to provide you with a summary of the maintenance required to keep your artificial grass lawn looking its absolute best, including how to deal with some of the common accidents which can occur in any home backyard.

Regular maintenance

Like we just said, any regular maintenance required for your synthetic grass lawn is minimal. It is recommended that you give it an occasional once-offer with a plastic rake to remove any materials which have fallen onto the surface. These can include but aren’t limited to leaves, branches and perhaps any rubbish wrappers that the wind has blown in.

Alternatively, pop down to your local hardware store and grab yourself a leaf blower, that way you can do away with the rake and save yourself even more valuable time.

You will find that the water from rain does a great job at keeping your fake lawn looking its best anyway so this sort of maintenance is hardly required.

Some people like to use a gentle household fabric softener to assist with minimising static build up and to keep that great ‘just installed’ look at all times. This is entirely optional however.

Light stains

The good news is that synthetic grass is highly resistant to stains. In saying that, if you do suffer a liquid spill it can be useful to remove it sooner rather than later. Most stains can be simply washed away with the water from the hose. The perforated holes in the mat of synthetic grass will mean that the water drains away quickly. You will find you can hose away minor liquid spills such as pet urine, soda drinks and alcohol quickly and easily.

Heavy Stains

Mineral spirits can be utilised to remove any heavy stains you may suffer. Heavy stains should be removed as soon as possible. Some examples include thick grease, sun protectant, motor fluid etc. Don’t stress either, if the stain is really bad and can’t be remove, sections of synthetic grass lawn can be removed and fresh pieces installed if needed.

Sunlight damage

You won’t have to worry about the harsh sun damaging your artificial grass as it comes pre-treated with a special UV protectant which keeps it looking brand new for many years. At Classic Backyards, all of our grass products come complete with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty for increased peace of mind.

Animal droppings

Pet wee can be easily washed off the synthetic grass surface with water from a conventional hose. If you pet has done a poo there is no need to worry either, these won’t stain the surface and can be picked up just like on real grass to prevent people treading on them.

Repeated walking

If you have artificial grass in areas that suffer a high amount of human traffic, the repeated walking can compact the surface of the grass slightly. The good news is that this is easily fixed though. All that is required is for some additional sand to be applied to the areas which suffer the traffic and then sweep it into the surface with a large brush. The sand will then move down into the infill and return the surfaces ‘new look’ appearance.

We hope these simple and occasional maintenance tips help you to get a long period of use from your artificial grass lawn. Synthetic grass really is a great investment and with the right care and maintenance, it will last you for many years and will be the envy of your neighbours. Contact us at Classic Backyards for more information.