How To Refresh the Look of Your Fireplace

If your fireplace area looks tired and dated, there are several options available to refresh it within whatever budget you have available to spend. Even a small change will make a big difference in its appearance. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Outline it in Natural Stone

Adding natural stone around the fireplace will instantly update it to one of the latest home design trends. Whether you add a large sheet of granite or sandstone rocks, the result will be stunning. This is one project you need a professional to complete due to the higher cost of the materials and expertise required to install them correctly. Schedule an appointment with a local company specializing in fireplace surrounds Milwaukee to discuss the best option for your needs.

Install a Wood Mantel

Installing a wood mantel above the fireplace is a task you could do yourself. The cost of this upgrade will depend on the design and thickness of the mantel you select. For a more contemporary look, choose thinner wood in a simple design. Thicker natural wood with ornate carvings will add warmth to a room decorated in farmhouse decor. As a bonus, the new mantel provides you an additional place to decorate with a few of your favorite items.

Paint the Surrounding Surface

A coat of paint transforms the brick, wood or wall that surrounds the fireplace. The hottest design trend is to paint it all one color all the way to the ceiling in white or black. Another idea is to paint the area a contrasting color to the rest of your room, such as a deep blue or red shade next to grey walls. If you need help finding the perfect color, narrow down your choices to three or four colors and buy small samples of each one. Paint a wide stripe on the fireplace area and observe how the different colors look throughout the day and by lamplight at night. Whichever one catches your eye the most is the best one to choose.

Decorate Above It

A quick update for any fireplace is to decorate the area above it with an eye-catching feature that draws the eye upward. For the best results, find one piece that fills the space, such as a colorful painting or a mirror in a pretty tiled frame.

To update the decor in your fireplace area, outline it in stone, install a mantel, paint the surrounding surface or decorate above it. Any of these options will give you the refresh you desire.