House Plan – Five Essential Considerations during Designing


This article will list out 5 of the most essential considerations when you determine your house plan.

1. Suit your family and lifestyle

Choose a house plan that is going to suit your family, with enough bedrooms and space for everyone to have a little privacy.  If you are a couple planning on extending your family make sure there is room to have a nursery and eventually have additional bedrooms.  If you are single living on your own or a career minded couple then you may not need a house that is overly large.  You would most likely only need a functional space that doesn’t need lots of cleaning, or you probably wouldn’t want a flower garden, instead an outdoor patio area for entertaining would suit you better.  Think about what the members of your household like to do.  Consider adding a media room if you enjoy watching movies or playing video games, or have a wet area or mud room if you love gardening.

2. Efficient Workspace

Don’t forget the work areas of your house and plan them in a way that is practical, functional and also aesthetically pleasing.  Having a bigger laundry is a good idea if you have a family, with plenty of storage space and added conveniences like an ironing board that folds up into a wall space, there is lots of bench space and plenty of shelving.  Have a kitchen that is central to your house so that family members can all congregate around there in the evenings while the evening meal is being cooked.  If you work from house or have teenagers an office or study space is also a great idea.

3. Privacy against neighboring

Plan your house so that you have privacy from the neighbors.  Have your house facing a direction so that larger windows are not looking over into the neighbors yard and plan your house with space for a garden and large trees so you can block out any neighboring buildings.  Have the main bedroom at the other end of the house to the other bedrooms, and include an en-suite and even a separate living area which you can shut off from the rest of the house.

4. Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Having an energy efficient house makes a lot of sense nowadays with the cost of electricity rising and the need to put less pressure on our natural resources.  Think about having smaller windows on the west side of the house or a veranda to shade that shade of your house from the hot afternoon sun.  Install energy saving appliances and water saving shower heads and taps.

5. House construction progress

When building your house you should think about what materials to construct it from that will suit the area, save you money and that are more environmentally friendly.  Steel frame houses are more fire and termite resistant, plus they are more environmentally friendly.