Home Design with Parisian Style

Parisan StyleWhat house wouldn’t benefit from a Parisian makeover giving it that Old Continent feeling, just brimming with intrigue and romance? The high, spacious rooms outfitted with luxury items give a historic aspect, keeping a note of commodity at the same time. Paris is, needless to say, on the list of the world’s preferred tourist destinations. Just about everyone who journeys there falls under the enchantment of this lovely city. This is why bringing a piece of this wonderful city to your home is a great idea.

1. Cozy tones along with “la vie en rose”

Envelop your walls with the warm colors that bring so much to the city’s charm. If you are planning to add a great deal of accessories eventually, you’ll probably be better off to stick with most of the more neutral colors. Ivory or beige are generally good choices if you’re going to be including a lot of items with darker tones or even black. Having said that, you may be more daring by working with lighter colors like pink, or even peach.

To generate a real statement, consider switching or even adding wallpaper. Nothing says “refined” like silky, Parisian style themed wall paper. Wall paper that has visuals of the Eifel Tower, or perhaps a traditionally tiny Parisian street cafe, can work very well.

2. Parisian design furniture looks a whole lot like your Grandma’s furniture

You won’t be required to buy new furniture for this type of decorating. It’s possible all you will need to do is a little reconditioning and painting to obtain the look you’re going for. There is a certain massive, worn look to Parisian style furnishings. You’ll need objects having richer tones, as they will surely be fitted with the precious trim made of silk or satin. If perhaps your wish is for suitable Paris furnishings, you’ll need three pieces for sure. Locate a small coffee table, a large rounded table for dinner parties, and, of course, a huge wall mirror.

To prevent making mistakes when matching colors, one thing you can try is use a lot of black, which goes well with almost anything. And you’ll want to seek out more mature pieces that ooze history; Parisian furniture is usually of present day design. As far as the materials for sofas and seat designs goes, try to pick out only the best, the most refined and elegant.

If you really don’t have massive furniture, or your spending budget is too low for re-conditioning, inspire yourself with the romantic cafes of Paris, and opt for some iron furnishing. To bring Paris directly into your home, try choosing delicate porcelain on small coffee tables with satin coverings, together with pillows on the chairs. If all else fails, just use various layers of cloth to cover the round table. You probably have all the fabric you’ll need right inside your house, so cost shouldn’t be a big factor here.

Take care of specifics as well. It can be incredible how being attentive to a few somewhat minor elements can bring “Gay Paree” right into your home. For walls, you can easily use the art representing buildings or Paris monuments. Placing a couple of black and white photos of Paris can easily capture a lot of the city’s attraction. It is possible to also add family pictures, framed in massive wood or other frames with an aspect of precious metals.