Going Green in Your Home’s Décor

How do you bring green into your home? It is widely known in the interior design world that every room should have a splash of green in its décor. Whether it be a blooming plant, a vase full of artificial stems, green throw pillows, or an entirely green wall, each space in the home should have a touch of green.

How Green Makes Us Feel

Green is a color of the earth. It is natural, inviting, and warm. And as we all know, different colors evoke different emotions and different color combinations create specific moods and effects. For example red is a mature color and symbolizes passion. It is vibrant, deep and alluring.  Yellow is the color of sunshine. It radiates cheer and evokes happiness. Blue is the color of peace. It is often used in bedrooms and sunrooms because it invites a sense of calm and serenity.

Green is just as emotional. Because of its abundance in nature and its earthy elements, green is a color of calm. It is the color that ties the indoors with the outdoors. It allows a person to bring in nature from the outside, and enjoy its calm, peaceful qualities. In Feng Shui interiors, green symbolizes natural movement such as the rustling of leaves and the swaying of trees.

Perfect Color for Contemporary Décor

Not only is green an essential color to any interior design or color scheme, green is the perfect color to use to modernize a space. Its natural ability to coordinate with a wide array of colors makes it versatile and the color of choice in many contemporary designs.  When paired with other earthy, natural colors, green provides the pop of pizazz and design depth the interior space needs.

Green Decoration

Pairing green with stark white interiors makes for a dramatically contemporary feel. The minimalistic elements of modern design breathes simplicity in whites and neutrals. Bringing in that pop of color and interest by using green fabric, green throw pillows or a piece of green décor takes modern design to a whole new level.

Incorporating Green into Your Room

Green is truly an amazing color. Its hue can range from dramatically dark to earthy and neutral. It is the designer’s dream color in that it prides itself on being able to coordinate with all of the colors on the color wheel. It is the perfect color to use as background for a room full of bright, vibrant furnishings, or as the star of the show.

Choose one wall in a room and either paint it a sage green or for an even more dramatic effect, hang intricately designed wallpaper. Choose a corner of your space and layer plants in different sized vases or pots. Plants can be real or artificial.

Even if green isn’t your color, hang pieces of wall art that showcase botanical prints or grasses. Accent sofas and chairs with pillows covered in fabric detailed with green. Lampshades, décor accessories, candles, book bindings, window treatments, the list goes on and on. Bringing the splash of green that every room needs really is easy to do.

From apple green to avocado green, lush lime green to sweet sage green, the sky is the limit with its design versatility and functionality.  Bring the outside inside with splashes of green.  Add an earthy, natural feel to a contemporary space by splashing pops of green throughout the room. Nothing says modernism like simplicity and nothing says simplicity like nature. And what is the color of nature? Green.