Getting There Safely With Portable Road Mats

Portable Road MatsConstruction sites can be dangerous for heavy equipment and the crews that they carry. On unstable or unsteady ground, it’s far too easy for vehicles, cranes, and infrastructure to lose balance and tip over. Transporting the necessary supplies to the site can also be tricky over rough terrain. Quality Mat Company’s portable road mats provide the stability, safety, and efficiency you need to make accessing your work site easy.

Acting as temporary roadways, stabilization platforms, or even ground protection mats, these laminated mats are ideal for a wide variety of applications. One of Quality Mat’s most popular products, the portable road mats are designed to be strong, durable, and easy to transport. Made from the highest grade materials, these lightweight mats are the perfect solution for making access to your construction site simple.

Using a combination of mixed hardwood or oak laminated boards, portable road mats are 6” thick, 8’ wide and either 12’, 14’, or 16’ long. Quality Mat Company offers custom sizes as well, so if you are looking for specific matting sizes to meet your needs, contact them at or call 800-227-8159. You can also visit to learn more about temporary access roads, portable matting, and the other products that Quality Mat Company offers.