Getting Crafty and Accessorising your Living Room

Living room designIf you’ve recently freshened up your living room with some gorgeous colours, you will probably now be wondering how to go about accessorising it. It’s not as easy as it seems, especially when you have thought so carefully about your colour scheme. Just one wrongly placed item can offset the whole theme and cheapen the entire affect.

Luckily, it’s not quite the same as painting or putting wallpaper up because accessories can be swapped, changed and moved around, which is fantastic because it gives you lots of room to play and have fun with your layout.

Here are some tips to help you accessorise your living room:

Choose the big things first

When you’re accessorising your room it is important you choose the larger items first as they will then create a palette for you to then build on. So if you’re browsing oak coffee tables, or huge wall mounted pieces of art, you need to make those decisions first before you go any further. For example, if you choose a beautiful, natural piece like an oak coffee table, you can then add texture and personality with other natural items like stone ornaments and dimpled copper pieces. Building on that you can then start to work in a colour theme, throwing in splashes of calming seaside blue or brave orange.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Going crazy and throwing lots of colours and textures together can work just as well as planning ahead. Or introducing colour piece by piece might work better for you if you’re the kind of person who gets intimidated by colour. Sometimes it can be difficult to introduce colour when you’ve spent so long creating a beautiful natural and neutral palette. Many people feel afraid of using colour, often not realising how easy it can be to introduce it to a room. If you’re undecided try getting a few colour swatches and sourcing inspiration from magazine adverts and interior design magazines.

If you’ve decided on your colour but don’t know where to start, try buying one item in your chosen colour and placing it in the room, you should then be able to look around and see where else you could include it. IE you place a lamp in the corner and realise a rug incorporating that colour would look great under your oak coffee table and perhaps a couple of cushions on the sofa in the accent colour would bring the look together. Lights and Furniture offer a great selection.

Work in 3D

Don’t just think in terms of different colours; widen your palette with textures and materials as well. Using different textures and materials will add a lot of layers to your room and give it depth. How about placing a textured rug under a smooth oak coffee table and perhaps placing rope table mats on top to compliment the natural theme? So you’ve combined three different textures and materials together that all contrast and complement each other.

It might seem difficult when you’re right at the beginning of accessorising your room, but remember, this is the fun bit! This is a real opportunity to express yourself, get creative and add some true personality to your room. Enjoy it!