Gasification – The Ultimate Solution to The World’s Energy Needs and Environmental Problems

GasificationThe combustion of fossil fuels is taking a tremendous toll on the earth’s atmosphere and consequently on the environment. Global warming and pollution threaten the very existence of life on our planet. Moreover, most fossil fuel resources are expected to become depleted within the next few decades and thus prices have already skyrocketed. Governments, scientists and even industrialists themselves have long realized that fossil fuels will not remain economically and environmentally feasible and are thus looking towards alternative sources of energy such as nuclear, solar, wind energy and so on. One of the most practical and efficient methods of energy production is gasification – a process which involves conversion of organic or carbonaceous materials into hydrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide.

There are 7 billion people on this earth and they produce tones of organic waste every day. This waste is can be used to solve the energy needs of the world. When organic material decomposes in nature, it releases greenhouse gases into the air and the remnants serve to nourish the soil. The process of gasification is similar to what happens in nature, except for the fact that it takes place much faster. Organic waste is used to create gases which are burned to produce energy and the remaining ash is used as a fertilizer. Even when the gases are derived from fossil-based carbonaceous substances, the resulting gases are much more efficient than the original fuel as they can be burned at higher temperatures and even in fuel cells.

Gasification is an integral part of electricity generation and has innumerable other applications as well. Many areas which do not have access to conventional fuels use gasification to produce energy from renewable sources. Several types of gasification units are available on the market but most of them are impractical and inefficient. Moreover, the systems are pretty rudimentary in nature and employ technology that is now obsolete. They require frequent maintenance and this makes them expensive. However, Echo Energy Group’s Modular Downdraft Technology’ has effectively put an end to all these shortcomings – they have developed a system that is light years ahead of existing ones.

Echo Energy Group’s gasification system does not have any toxic byproducts. The only remnant is benign ash which can be used as an agricultural fertilizer. The system is mobile and can be transported to the remotest locations on the planet. It has been designed for prolonged operation in harsh environments. The resulting gases can be used to power internal combustion engines, boilers, turbines etc. The carbon dioxide that is emitted upon combustion is trapped and rechanneled into the gasification unit – this leads to cleaner, greener energy and also serves to aid the process of thermal conversion.

The system is very versatile and can produce high octane gases from a variety of materials such as agricultural waste, sewage, industrial waste, animal residue and so on. All components are safe to be operated in machine and boiler rooms and have been manufactured in compliance with state and federal requirements.

Gasification is the ultimate solution to the world’s energy ever-expanding energy needs and environmental problems. Nobody does it better than Echo Energy Group!