Garden Design Inspiration for Urban Areas and Small Spaces

Small Garden DesignLiving in the city, quite often doesn’t present a lot of gardening design opportunities. The main challenge you will face is the lack of space. However, it is possible to create a beautiful garden in any urban area, but requires you to plan everything properly.

If you do not have inspiration for your garden design project you are very likely to fail with it, so keep on reading to find some great tips, advice and ideas!


Planning a garden design in limited space, requires a lot of imagination and attention to detail. Here are some ideas on what you can do with your small urban garden:

Create a Sketch of the Garden Design

To be able to create a beautiful garden in small space, you need to first sit down and visualize it on paper. Having a sketch of your idea will make completing the garden much easier, because you will be able to more effectively plan how to use the space.

You don’t need to try and recreate complex forms, but instead keep the garden design as simple as possible. Try getting inspiration from other people’s designs online – you never know what you can learn there.

Take Advantage of Optical Illusions

One of the most popular techniques for making small spaces seem larger is via optical illusions. These are often achieved with mirrors and for garden use, you will need weather-resistant mirrors. You can position these in sunnier areas of your garden and give extra light to the plants.

Another way to make your garden look larger is by carefully using particular shapes and materials. For example, you can use small size paving to create lengthening and widening effect. The smaller the paving the more you will need to cover the area, but the better visual effect you achieve. The complete opposite is also true – if you use large paving in small space, you will make it look and feel even smaller.

Use Happy/Warm Colors

Every garden is meant to be a place where you can sit back and relax from all the stress surrounding your daily lifestyle. The best way to make your urban garden happier place is to paint it using warmer colors. Every unpleasant detail of your urban garden can be altered with the use of paint proper paint and cleanup.

Research Your Plants

In order to make your garden blossom, you need to select the best plants for the particular design. Each plant has its own requirements for sunlight, so selecting the best for the particular garden is a must. Furthermore, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the plants you will be growing in your garden and their specific needs.

Strategic Planting

Knowing the exact needs of your plants, will allow you to make a strategic planting plan for your garden. When I say strategic planting, I mean that you need to take into consideration the exact sunlight requirements for each one of your plants, will allow you to plan the best positions for planting. You can also use other landscaping elements and materials in case you are unable to find a good positions for particular plant. For example, hanging plant containers doesn’t take too much space and will allow you to take particular plants higher for extra sunlight.

Save Space with Plant Containers

To get most of your garden’s limited space, you need to be creative when it comes to planting containers. Raised beds are a great way to get some extra space and at the same time allow you accommodate more of your plants.

Perfect Placement

You can give a sense of style even to the smallest and darkest urban area. Well selected garden furniture set, placed carefully based on the arrangement of the plants will add more to the look of your garden. There are garden sets from various sizes and you can find one to suit your garden’s space. Furthermore, it will be a great place where you can just relax from everything that stresses you out.

Do not allow the lack of space to stop you from having your own piece of paradise! Instead get creative and get the best of the space you have – try to accommodate plants that could survive under the current conditions and keep things simple. The most simple ideas work best when planning garden in a limited space. You can get inspiration and ideas from