Fluff up your décor with pillows: More than just couch cushions!

décor with pillows

Whether you’re looking for a temporary shake-up in style or wanting to go for a more trendy permanent change, the right pillows can make it easy. Pick crazy patterns or wild colors to update the look of your home. Pillows are an easy and affordable way to make a great change in your home.

Art pillows

Many new homes use open floor plans or glass walls. This makes it hard to have space to hang art. Here’s a great idea though. You can bring original art to your home just by using hand-painted pillows! You can even find pillows that have famous artwork on them. Pillow Décor carries hand-painted and one of a kind works of art by new designers as well as famous works by artists such as Gustav Klimt, Marco Fabiano, and Fabrice De Villeneuve.

Seasonal changes

A great way to update your home every season is with new throw pillows and accessories. You can easily switch out the pillow covers on your current pillows for a fresh new. Place your fall and winter covers in the linen closet when you switch them out in the spring or summer. Another idea is to move pillows from room to room to make a quick and noticeable change in style. Pillow Decor makes it easy by letting you buy just a pillow cover, or the pillow cover with your choice of a feather or polyfill insert.

Mix and match fabrics

Layer your look by combining different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. It is easy to do this just by mixing florals, stripes, textures and solid-coloured pillows together. Don’t match everything together. Combine different colors and materials to provide a unique look to your home. Tie the fabrics and colors used to those in the rest of your home. And don’t forget, for a look at how a professional interior designer would do it, read interiors magazines.

An inexpensive update

If you want to modernize your room and sofa, choose a color that you want to use and buy pillows in that color. This will let you test out the color in an inexpensive way. Reupholster that old chair of yours in the new color if it works for you. . Combine textured pillows with more modern metallic pillows.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Floral and botanical designs are a great way to bring the outdoors into your home. However, those traditional floral designs aren’t your only option. However, it certainly doesn’t have to be your normal floral imagery. Pillow Decor offers a variety of more modern designs for use. You can pick from many different color themes. For a more masculine touch, use some solid colored pillows mixed in.

Take indoor designs outside

Decorative pillows are a great way to connect your outdoor living space with the rest of your home. Try using throw pillows that are the same color as the main color in the room adjacent to the outdoor space. This will help create a sense of harmony and continuity in the look of your home. Use pillows with designs and colors that are not something found in nature. This will really spice up the look by drawing your eye.

Make everyone happy

She wants floral designs. He wants geometric designs. It is easy to compromise by using some of each! You can even alternate them if you’d rather. This will keep everyone happy in the end!

Decorating a child’s room

For a child whose room is never very clean, use solid colors to make things look not as cluttered. If you’re looking for patterns, use stripes for a boy’s room and floral designs for a girl’s room. For a child’s room, it is a good idea to use pillows made from microfibre suede. It’s a very durable material that makes cleaning spills easy. The spill just rolls right off and can be wiped clean with a paper towel. We recommend 24-by-24-inch box-edge faux-suede pillows as a fun and practical floor pillow in a child’s or teen’s room. They’re perfect to sit or lay on when relaxing in their room.

What’s popular now

The most popular pillows right now are rectangular, or lumbar, pillows. There are so many different uses for them. You can even use them as a layer in front of larger pillows. For a sofa with a low back, use one at the back of each cushion.