Essential Benefits of Distance Leaning

distance learning benefitsDistance learning is the education form generated for students who are notable to be physically present in the traditional school. It is the process of teaching when both teachers and students are in different places, and work on various times. If you have to attend the school for exam, lab experimentation or for another reason, the system is no longer a distance learning but combined or hybrid education systems.

Distance learning dated back in 1720s, but modern online distance learning has been improved with the development of postal and telecommunication services. The University of London in UK  is among the universities that originated distance learning programs. As the technology improved the media to teach student off campus also improved, the famous is the Articulated Instructional Media Project which used different communication technology to deliver the teaching materials. Some distance learning programs also use radio broadcast and TV programs to reach their students. Schools that specialize in distance learning are named open universities or colleges and can get hundred thousands of students. With the use of computer and internet, distance learning had become more convenience, easier, and faster learning.

Virtual universities have gained importance and can offer different courses in different areas. Some universities launched full online programs. Since the use of internet had been introduced in distance learning, the students who choose to study their course at distance have increased significantly. Distance learning is not only with universities but also with non-profitable firms or other institutions can use the program to train their community. Regardless if distance learning is transferring basic knowledge or higher learning, the school has to be accredited and should be given the mandate to operate in the required jurisdiction.  Many fake schools had come into being with the present of internet and it becomes an issue to identify genuine or fake institutions.

Distance learning use different methods to convey the materials, you can get asynchronous or synchronous method. Synchronous methods are used when both participants are able to connect at the same time. It is like a conventional classroom by using videoconferencing, web conferencing, live broadcasting, live streaming, internet radio and telephone.  Asynchronous method is more flexible since the student can access the material at his own time or schedule. There is not required for the students to come together to get materials or to speal together, the methods used are postal mail, emails, audio recording, video, CD, DVD, forum, print material, facsimile and voicemail.