Engineering Careers For Women

What steps can be taken to sidestep traditional stereotypes and secure a lucrative role in the engineering or programming industries? Some key pieces of advice follow below which can help young females get themselves on the path to establishing and growing a career in these or other highly desirable STEM fields.

Concentrate on your passions. No matter if you enjoy drafting, building products, assisting others or developing code, the truth of the matter is that you need to follow that route. Though this may sound like a hackneyed bromide, doing what you love is a sure path to success and a high level of achievement in your distinct role.

Keep a sense of enthusiasm about you. Whether a solid opportunity arises, leap to accept it. Seek out networking functions and how-to events designed to help you get where you ultimately want to go.

Look for workplaces that value female employees and support a healthy work/life balance. Once you are at the interview stage, be sure to inquire about how many women are in management roles at the company. Discuss how engineering groups collaborate and communicate. The culture of a company is an important element to overall satisfaction, and it is essential to determine whether women are encouraged to climb the ladder or are hindered in some major way. Many firms are taking a new approach to fostering diversity, so maximize that trend as your own career advances.

Secure a strong mentoring relationship, or several. There is nothing quite like an experienced mentor when it comes to facilitating your growth and helping you identify your true interests. A mentor can be someone within your field, a trusted friend or a wise family member. Mentorship bonds tend to be especially strong among women and last a lifetime.

Shun the Imposter Syndrome and the damage it does. Stay true to who you are, and never allow apparent power imbalances on the job to negatively affect your confidence. Have faith in your knowledge, determination and drive, and to will reach new heights in your STEM career. Take inspiration from male counterparts who never seem to lack bravado and unfailing belief in their capabilities. In this way, you will project exactly the image you ultimately seek to embody. Then, you can serve as the example young women interested in the engineering industry are going to need as they rise through the ranks themselves.

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